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What is Council proposing to do?

The concept incorporates the following features (*):

Lot sizes:

The masterplan provides for a range of lot sizes, which prior to formal subdivision can be adjusted to suit individual requirements. Council is proposing to offer lots for sale or lease. Lots fronting Mirrielees Road have been provided to give occupiers profile to the passing traffic as well as adjoining access to the hardstand area.

Seawall berths:

A new vertical seawall will be constructed along the water/land interface. This seawall has been designed to allow for alongside berthage for vessels of all sizes. These berths will also provide the opportunity for truck and forklift access to vessels for loading, unloading and in-water maintenance activities.

Wash down area:

A wash down area will be included within Stage 1. All runoff will be captured and treated prior to be being recycled or discharged in a professional manner.


Approximately 6,300sqm of hardstand area will be developed in Stage 1 where vessels can be stored while completing maintenance. The hardstand area will be developed to provide a surface able to cater for the largest of loads expected from those vessels stored within the precinct.

Accessways through the hardstand will allow vessels to be delivered to the various tenancies backing onto the precinct. Vessels can be either stored on the hardstand adjacent the various tenancies or can be placed into the tenancies’ purpose-built building.

Fishing facilities:

Tauranga City Council recognises the needs of the local fishing fleet. The precinct will be developed to provide facilities for loading of ice and unloading of fresh fish. The precinct will also provide dedicated areas to allow truck access to the water’s edge to allow servicing of fishing vessels of all sizes.

Marina berths:

A number of vessel berths are already provided adjacent to the precinct which will be supplemented with additional berths. Later stages will consider adjustments to existing berths to optimise the use of the water space attached to the precinct which is large enough to provide long term opportunities for on-water berthing.


Council proposes to integrate a refuelling facility that is accessible 24/7 and available to all vessels. Such a facility is likely to be located adjacent or as part ofthe fishing loading/unloading zone to the south of the property.

Car parking:

Car parking for berth users, contractors and those using the hard stand will be provided to the south of the property.

Access controls:

There will be secure and restricted access to the hardstand area, berths and wharves as these are marine industrial areas where commercial activities will be undertaken, so these areas will be isolated from access by the general public.

* Note: The specifications noted above may be subject to change prior to the commencement of the project.

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