Welcome to Vessel Works!

Vessel Works’ sole purpose is to support the thriving marine industry in Tauranga, New Zealand. Our open yard offers modern facilities, unlimited access to world-class contractors and complete flexibility for both commercial and private clients.

A large private slipway beside the city’s Harbour Bridge was acquired by Tauranga City Council in 2018 and has been transformed to meet the needs of vessels 15m-55m long and weighing under 350 tonnes who require refit, maintenance or repair.

Our 3.4ha marine precinct provides 6300m² of sealed hardstand. At Vessel Works you have the freedom to choose which contractors to engage, and we do not charge any mark-up on their services provided on-site. In Tauranga you will find outstanding workmanship and obliging, efficient service. Many contractors are based permanently at Vessel Works and provide everything you need – from heavy or light engineering to anti-foul and topside painting, water or garnet blasting, woodwork, fibreglass, metal fabrication and upholstery. If you’re after basic nuts and bolts or the latest marine technology, you will find it here.

For the first two years of operation, our hoist was the largest in New Zealand – capable of lifting 350 tonnes with a 11.5m span. Our experience in using this hoist means we can haul out your vessel as quickly and efficiently as possible, enabling your refit or maintenance to get underway immediately. If your vessel is too wide for our hoist, we will bring in cranes to lift it for you.

Thanks to funding from Bay of Plenty Regional Council, we also have a state-of-the-art water treatment plant to protect our environment and are the only marine facility in New Zealand to offer all three approved methods of water treatment (pump out/take away, trade waste and micron filters).

Tauranga is the third largest harbourside city in New Zealand and is a sought-after destination, offering a warm sunny climate, excellent accommodation and plenty to do while waiting for your work to be completed. Vessel Works is an approved Port of First Arrival and Transitional Facility. We work closely with NZ Customs, the Ministry for Primary Industries and Fisheries NZ to process vessels weighing up to 450 tonnes berthed at our customs-controlled wharf, allowing you to get underway again as soon as you wish.

Vessel Works is owned by Tauranga City Council and attracts a wide range of international and New Zealand-owned fishing vessels, work boats, private and charter yachts to our waters. With modern facilities, competitive prices and friendly, efficient staff, we have built a reputation as the ‘go-to’ place for haul out, wash, maintenance, repair and refit.

We look forward to welcoming you.

Meet the team

Dave Withington
Leaderships / Projects (Precinct Director)

Stu Greet
Yard / Lifts / Berthage

Russell Margan
Yard / Lifts / Berthage

Andrew Bromell
Office / Bookings / Accounts / Access