Entering the vessel works site

If you wish to access Vessel Works to undertake works, then you need to complete a site-specific induction before entry. Each staff or crew member will need to complete this induction and agree to and adhere to Vessel Works Marine Hub site rules.

Please watch the induction video, complete the short quiz, and enter your details. Once this is complete  and insurance requirements are met, please visit the office for your ID photo and personalised security access card to be issued. Cost $46 (Eftpos or cash).

A refresher induction is required every 12 months on the anniversary of your insurance certificates.

Day Visitors

If you are just visiting Vessel Works for the day, then you can be hosted on the site by another person that has completed the induction. That person must always remain with you whilst you visit the site. You must not undertake any work during your visit.


  • This inducted person must sign you in, using the visitor registration booth outside the Vessel Works Management Office. Minimum PPE requirements are listed at the booth. High visibility vests can be borrowed from the office.
  • If you are visiting the site for a single day you can collect a visitor’s access card from the office.
  • Day visitors who receive a day pass will need to complete an induction and meet insurance requirements.