Seamount Enterprise

Tasman Harvesters has been partnering with Vessel Works since December 2018. In almost three years of this collaboration, we have completed two repairs, surveyed and modified the Seamount Enterprise from a trawler to a longliner.

For repair work and modification on our vessel, we engaged with various companies. But I would like to especially note the good experience and cooperation with specialists from Pacific-7, Robert Page, Jeff Scott, Active Refrigerations, Freds Transmissions, Superyacht Coating and others.

Our company is currently fishing for deep sea crabs in various areas of the NZ economic zone. We use a variety of fishing technologies and fishing equipment to find a commercial resource for a variety of benthic marine life that are part of the quota system.

After the forced anchorage of the vessel due to the Covid-19 pandemic, in June 2021, we resumed fishing for crab in the area of ​​the northern part of the North Island of NZ. We were able to retain a previously trained crew and are currently looking forward to good fishing. 

– Owner, Vitalii Khanaash

Length of Stay:

4 months

Contractors involved:

Pacific 7, Robert Page, Jeff Scott Electrical, Active Refrigeration, Freds Transmissions, Super Yacht Coatings

Vessel Specifications

Type of Vessel:










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