Q & A

Q. Who is the developer, and who will be the manager?

A. Tauranga City Council is the developer and will likely retain a medium to long term role in the future operation and management of the precinct, which will include the project management of the precinct construction.

Q. Where is the money coming from to redevelop the site?

A. Tauranga City Council and the Regional Council are jointly funding the project to a combined value of $10million dollars. Rates will not be used to fund the development of the precinct.

Q. What activities can be undertaken on the site?

A. Covenants exist to restrict the activities of the businesses on the site to marine related activities.

Q. As an investor could I buy some land and build a building?

A. Council expects there will be opportunities for investors and developers to design and build specialist marine tenancies.

Q. Will the hardstand be only available to those businesses that are located within the overall precinct?

A. The hardstand will be open to any vessels. Bookings for haulout and hardstand space will be managed by the precinct manager who will be independent of the various precinct occupiers.

Q. Will marine contractors based outside the precinct be welcome to work on vessels stored within the precinct?

A. Yes, the precinct is for the benefit of the regions marine industry so outside contractors will be able to work on vessels within the precinct so long as they have appropriate insurance and have correctly been inducted by the manager into the precinct.

Q. How much will the land be to buy?

A. Land value will be derived by either independent valuation or by the market through the tender process.

Q. How much will it cost to haul a vessel out and store it at the precinct?

A. A rate card for such costs has not been published as yet but the pricing will be set by the manager and Council to make sure the precinct is attractive to commercial vessels that would otherwise be leaving the region to undertake their maintenance works at other marine maintenance facilities.

Q. I cannot afford to buy land but would be interested in being a tenant within the precinct, should I make contact?

A. Yes, we encourage all parties that have an interest in the precinct to make contact.

Q. Could I be a tenant and the manager of the precinct?

A. The manager will not be able to be a tenant of the facility or have any conflict with the operation of the business.

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