New to Vessel Works?

Our Responsibilities at Vessel Works…

To inform you how to stay safe and act in a manner that does not create risk to others or the environment during your stay at Vessel Works.

We are committed to providing a healthy and safe workplace for employees, contractors and visitors on this site and premises. In doing so, we will comply with all relevant legislation, codes of practice and regulations to continually improve our performance – striving for excellence in Health and Safety.

Working on site at Vessel Works?

If you are working on the hardstand or wishing to access the Vessel Works facility then you need to be inducted prior to entry.

The Vessel Works facilities encompass the Vessel Works wharf, Vessel Works hardstand and Vessel Works Cross Road ramp.

How Induction works…..

On completion of the Induction there is a short quiz and a registration, there are only 10 questions but you must get them all correct to pass. If you get any wrong, we let you know the right answer but you will need to complete the quiz again! Good Luck!

Induction This Way

Who Needs to be Inducted?

“Don’t proceed without the right information or understanding.”

There are subject matter experts for everything – just ask us and we can help you find what you need.

Every person entering the Vessel Works site is required to be inducted. A single induction for one company is not sufficient for all company staff, so all individuals must complete an induction to the site.

Vessel Works proposes to complete refresher induction courses annually, with each annual induction valid for the duration of the ship repair and public indemnity insurance valid for your company. Therefore, a refresher induction will be completed on the first anniversary of the insurance expiry from today’s date.

“From the instant you enter the Vessel Works site, you must abide by the Health and Safety rules designed to keep you and other Vessel Works users safe, healthy and injury free. “

“While you are working on site, we insist that safety is your number one priority.”

Induction This Way

Are you a Registered Contractor or Business??

To gain access to the Vessel works facility as a contractor we need to have you registered! Once you have completed the induction there is an additional form attached that is the Registration!

Induction This Way

All contractors permitted to work onsite will have given the Vessel Works Office a copy of there Public liability Insurance for more information contact us!

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